Director’s Message

Shivam PatelThe HPIHE has the proud privilege of providing to its students the World Class Infrastructure, Hi-tech and spacious class-rooms, highly qualified and experienced Staff expertise in designing various programs matching with the present era and modern teaching methodology and techniques, comparable to none in Budaun and its adjoining areas.


The wealth of a nation is upheld in the number of educated men and women it harbors. In the competitive world where knowledge determines the winners and losers, it has become increasingly necessary to ensure that, beside a sound education, students must have the ability to excel and win in the global context. Believing that knowledge is power, knowledge is safety and knowledge is happiness, we endeavor at HPIHE to equip our students with latest subject knowledge and strive to create a learning culture that promotes quality, innovative exploring and discipline. HPIHE aims to provide the right direction to the youth who can focus on their future, right from the beginning of their career. HPIHE extends all support for academic and personal growth of the students in order to convert them as responsible professionals to meet the challenges of the society. We intend teaching-learning mechanism to be at par with the international standards and firmly believe that by imparting quality education our students will be ready to compete at all levels. You are now embarking on a great learning adventure and you may face challenges of varying degrees and nature ahead. But I am sure those challenges will inspire you further and undoubtedly you will be the achievers at the end. My view is that emphasis in placement and career choice should be highly inclusive and identify the components of academic excellence and above all, your own passion needed to do so. We felt the need and here we are to develop our institute as a centre of Excellence in the field of Higher Education where every youth can “TRANSFORM HIS PASSION INTO PROFESSION” and can achieve the heights in their careers.


We shall be providing professional expertise, career counseling workshops, and lot of platforms that our youth attain the life skills to face the challenges head on……..


I am sure that with the cooperation from you all, we will be achieving our objectives.


Best wishes.

(Shivam Patel)