Welcome to HP Institute of Higher Education

H P Institute of Higher Education established with an objective to provide a platform to the young boys and girls where they can prepare themselves to compete in the modern age of throat-cut competitions irrespective of any field. We dreamt of bringing in all the facilities required for Higher Education at Budaun itself which were so far like dreaming in day for the youth of Budaun and adjoining areas. And here we are. The educational exposure that was so far a luxury meant only for the cosmopolitans is now,here at HPIHE.


Har Prasad SinghCompetition has become a necessity of modern era, irrespective of any field. To prove one’s own identity and to establish himself in this competitive world, the need of high quality education is a must perquisite. Today too it is only possible in metropolitan cities and that also to the children of millionaires or say so called high-society.

We have made an attempt to provide such a quality education so that our youth of Budaun too can become competent to face such competitions and prove themselves as highly skilled professionals or successful entrepreneurs.  Read More..






Shivam Patel

The HPIHE has the proud privilege of providing to its students the World Class Infrastructure, Hi-tech and spacious class-rooms, highly qualified and experienced Staff expertise in designing various programs matching with the present era and modern teaching methodology and techniques, comparable to none in Budaun and its adjoining areas.

The wealth of a nation is upheld in the number of educated men and women it harbors. In the competitive world where knowledge determines the winners and losers, it has become increasingly necessary to ensure that, beside a sound education, students must have the ability to excel and win in the global context. Believing that knowledge is power, knowledge is safety and knowledge is happiness, Read More..