About Us

wold-class-infrastructureH P Institute of Higher Education established with an objective to provide a platform to the young boys and girls where they can prepare themselves to compete in the modern age of throat-cut competitions irrespective of any field. We dream of bringing in all the facilities required for Higher Education at Budaun itself which were so far like dreaming in day for the youth of Budaun and adjoining areas. And here we are. The educational exposure that was so far a luxury meant only for the cosmopolitans is now, here at HPIHE.

We are excellence focused, creative, innovative, and learner-centered, dedicated to the cause of quality higher education for all our learners. The institute’s purpose is to support you to achieve a valuable qualification that will accelerate your career, develop your professional capabilities and empower you to achieve your aspirations in life.

We provide world class research and practice-based professional higher education and create excellent facilitators, advisors, managers and leaders for the world in a range of professional. We view higher education as a means to empower individual learners to become leaders who positively develop their families, communities and nations to achieve their human potential and to live in responsible, sustainable and positive states of freedom.

The courses offered by the Institution are comprehensive in quality education for modern day competitive world. The College is providing excellent atmosphere for young minds to learn and cope with the changing professional scenario around the world.

We at HPIHE, aim to build up a group of young men and women who would be agents of change in society and work towards fraternity, equality and justice.



Our Vision is to be a leader in Higher Education realizing and then utilizing the full potential of the Youth, getting the gem out of them, preparing them for innovative, creative, and successful careers in a global society and to drive a new era of growth and development that never ends but goes on…



Our Mission is to create a world where the Youth is prepared to face the global challenges head on, be a responsible, valuable citizen and hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.



  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Equitable Community
  • Academic freedom
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Commitment to Excellence