Chairman’s Message

Har Prasad SinghCompetition has become a necessity of modern era, irrespective of any field. To prove one’s own identity and to establish himself in this competitive world, the need of high quality education is a must perquisite. Today too it is only possible in metropolitan cities and that also to the children of millionaires or say so called high-society.


We have made an attempt to provide such a quality education so that our youth of Budaun too can become competent to face such competitions and prove themselves as highly skilled professionals or successful entrepreneurs.


I myself being from a middle class family had faced such a situation and therefore am aware of middle class society’s pain and hence it has become my foremost duty and lifetime dream to work on such measures which may be helpful for the upliftment of the society so that the talents of our youngsters may be utilized for constructing a brighter nation.


I had a thought why only those who possess high quality education and have a good exposure outside prove themselves anywhere in the world, why higher posts are awarded to them only, why can’t children from our society be there and thus all such thoughts collectively made me aware to work on such a project which will provide not only knowledge from books but also moral, cultural and spiritual education etc. When our youth will be morally educated i.e. when they will be aware of the duty towards every individual, towards parents, towards society, towards environment etc. and with it when they will be physically and culturally strong then only our dreams for them will be fulfilled.


H P Institute of Higher Education will provide much more than what society and stakeholders expect and I am sure that with your cooperation and support our students will be able to achieve the highest goals in life.



With compliments,


 Har Prasad Singh